Mangum Design-Build: Vertically Integrated so You Save Money

Vertical Integration is an economic term that refers to a company that is involved in multiple aspects of building or creating a product. Today, Vertical Integration is something of an anomaly in business. In some cases, outsourcing, or subcontracting makes wise financial sense. In others, such as commercial construction, it does not.

In this economy, cutting costs is not enough. You must have some competitive advantage that sets you apart from the rest, where that advantage adds value to what you bring to your client. In commercial construction, vertical integration makes sense in certain areas. A key advantage that Mangum brings to the table is that we are the importer, general contractor, and subcontractor for all our commercial property development.

Cut Your Commercial Construction Costs

Mangum looked at key areas in construction that make up a large portion of construction costs. In other words, Mangum wanted to control multiple facets of construction that would increase profitability while at the same time lowering overall construction costs. As a result, Mangum has affiliate companies that serve as subcontractors on our construction projects.  If Mangum is earning income as both a general contractor and subcontractor, Mangum can lower the total dollar amount of margin and still increase the margin percentage relative to dollar volume, which equates to lower overall construction costs.

When Mangum works for you, you’ll often see the Mangum logo on trucks, shirts, and materials, which only means that we are providing more value at an overall lower construction cost — at every level. Whether you are looking for medical office construction or hotel property development, we can help you achieve the results you want.

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Mangum Design-Build is a part of the Mangum family of stand-alone companies representing equipment distribution, construction and development, marble import, and wholesale landscape supplies. These companies have office locations in Raleigh, NC; Morrisville, NC; Clayton, NC; Wilmington, NC; Myrtle Beach, SC & Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China. Construction and Development entities are led by Kevin Mangum.