NC Custom Industrial Construction by Mangum Design-Build

Mangum Design-Builds is a premier industrial construction company that has developed a warehouse investment model for domestic use that originated overseas and has been used for decades. It involves a method of helping businesses that need warehouse space and capitalizing on efficiencies of scale to lower their overall operating costs.

Taking the original overseas business model and studying the distribution systems of Stock Building Supply, Wal-Mart, and Amazon, among others, Mangum developed a scalable design called the Mangum Plug and Play Model that allows existing business owners to operate with complete autonomy within a network and still lower their operating costs by an average of 22% or more.

For companies who are looking for industrial property development or help creating a more efficient warehouse management system, Mangum Design-Build has the expertise to make give you an industrial space that is more cost-effective!

Warehouse Construction for a More Efficient Warehouse

Regarding general warehouse space, Mangum will assist you in determining the best location, size, and design of your warehouse.

Warehouse space, like everything else, has efficiencies of scale and systems that are proven to work. Our warehouse consulting services and models can help you analyze how efficient your operation is relative to others in and outside your industry. Mangum can, for instance, research industry specific standards relative to your business and take a hard look at your inventory turns to scale back the size you think you need for warehouse space. Space is money, and when inventory sits, it can cost you more to store it than to wait to sell it.

We Consider Warehouse Management

And when you meet with Mangum, you’re always going to be asked what you’d change about your business, your industry. Our process includes giving you insight into becoming more efficient in warehouse management. Sometimes the best ideas come from other industries. We know you need an edge in your business to lower operating costs and increase margins. People know that Mangum approaches your project as an insider and as a casual observer that is both candid and insightful.

It’s little things like, how can we design your warehouse space to inspire your security guard to patrol the grounds more effectively? What’s going to make him feel good about his job, that he wakes up and looks forward to coming to work? We talk warehouse space, warehouse management and employee efficiency.

If you’re interested in having Mangum build a warehouse for your business, contact us. We can discuss peripheral details and move to specifics.

Mangum Design-Build is a part of the Mangum family of stand-alone companies representing equipment distribution, construction and development, marble import, and wholesale landscape supplies. These companies have office locations in Raleigh, NC; Morrisville, NC; Clayton, NC; Wilmington, NC; Myrtle Beach, SC & Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China. Construction and Development entities are led by Kevin Mangum.