NC Design & Building Services for Health Clubs & Spas

Of all the questions asked when developing a health club and spa, the first is what you want your client to feel as soon as they walk through your doors. Almost unanimously, the NC health club and spa owners want to engender a sensation of leaving one world and entering another, leaving behind the stresses of everyday life and absorbing themselves into a place where time seems to stand still. The cellphone isn’t vibrating, there are no deadlines to make and there aren’t soccer balls flying around in the back seat. This is their time: that special moment during the day where they’re not being pulled in four directions — that’s what you want them to feel.

Mangum: Designing & Building Relaxing Spa & Health Club Settings

Mangum Design-Build provides insight into the sense of self when you build a Raleigh NC health club and spa. You need that. Anyone can build a building, put some cardio equipment on one side, weights on another, a track on the second floor, and an indoor pool somewhere as an afterthought. But what people want when they walk in, what they really desire, more than the weights and treadmills, is to walk into a place with a soul, where the atmosphere is markedly different from the one they just left outside.

Mangum is not your average builder. When you’re business success rests on a niche product that people remember and gravitate towards, you need a niche builder that understands how to give you that edge. Our NC commercial property development services will turn a building into the ultimate retreat, creating a relaxing, inviting space for your business and your patrons. We build spa and health clubs, and offer spa interior design and custom touches to make the

America, above most everywhere else, is the land of choice. The freedom to choose. It makes our country great. Working with Mangum, we utilize every opportunity to make sure that when your client base has a choice, they will have every reason to choose your health club or spa and not the competition.

Mangum Design-Build is a part of the Mangum family of stand-alone companies representing equipment distribution, construction and development, marble import, and wholesale landscape supplies. These companies have office locations in Raleigh, NC; Morrisville, NC; Clayton, NC; Wilmington, NC; Myrtle Beach, SC & Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China. Construction and Development entities are led by Kevin Mangum.